• We will find the right mortgage for you

    With the ability to utilize a large number of lenders with hundreds of programs, we can find the right mortgage for you. Our ability to work with many lenders gives us access to a larger number of loan programs, allowing Professional Grade Mortgage to offer our customers the best chance for Approval.

    Competitive rates on all loan programs

    With Hundreds of programs and many lenders to choose from, our experts will place you with the lender offering the best rates and program for your unique lending scenario.

    Support throughout the entire mortgage process

    Our Licensed Originators will explain the process to you in great detail and obtain all documentation necessary to submit your file to underwriters for Fast Approval and Closing.

  • With Professional Grade Mortgage, Preapproval is FAST, EASY, and ACCURATE.  Our experts will analyze your entire scenario to fit you with the lender that best suits YOUR NEEDS!


  • With over 15 years of experience in the Mortgage, Underwriting, Compliance, and Title Insurance industries, Professional Grade Mortgage can guide you through the entire Mortgage Process to ensure SUCCESS!

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  • Turn the Dream of Homeownership into a Reality! 
    Our Home Buyers Guide will outine the process of obtaining your Dream Home and familiarize you with the terms used in Real Estate transactions.

    Home Buyers Guide

  • Learn more about the process of obtaining the mortgage that is perfect for YOU.  Purchase or Refinance, we have outlined the steps needed to successfully navigate through the transaction from START to FINISH!

    The Loan Process

  • 100's of Programs and Unbeatable Rates!

    At Professional Grade Mortgage, we offer our clients access to HUNDREDS of loan programs from over 25 of the Nation's Top Lenders, including Quicken Wholesale, UWM, Caliber, Loan Depot, Freedom Mortgage, and many more.  This allows us to service all of our clients needs with Conventional, VA, FHA, USDA and Non Prime loans, covering all occupancy types (Primary, Secondary, Investment) and property types.  Yes, Manufactured Homes are OK!


    We understand that many applicants do not fit into traditional lending guidelines found at banks and lending institutions.  We have the Solution!  By aligning ourselves with several lenders who offer their own line of products and services, we have expanded your options to give you the highest chance for approval.  Our team will contact lenders and speak with representatives to ensure the mortgage you choose is right for YOU!


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    After performing a needs analysis and highlighting your unique financial scenario, our experts will place you with a lender offering the optimal products that suit your needs, with the best rate available for that product.  You will receive a detailed review of your current credit scenario and a What If Scenario to determine how to improve your credit if needed.


    VA up to 100% LTV

    USDA up to 100% LTV

    Conventional up to 97% LTV 

    FHA up to 96.5% LTV

    DU Refi Plus up to 125% LTV

    Down Payment Assistance Available!

    Manufactured Homes allowed!

    Jumbo- Unbeatable Rates!

    Stated Income/Asset Loans

    Bank Statement Loans

    FICO Scores down to 500

    Foreign Nationals up to 75% LTV

    And Many More! CALL TODAY!